Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Sewing Fun Begins

After a lot of hard work, we are underway!! We have finished painting our walls with a beautiful mural, and now each day we can look up and be inspired to blossom. We have our sewing classes up and running, we've made two samples for our own label, and spring sprung today (although that wasn't entirely due to our own efforts)! What more could a pair of girls want! Well, photoes, actually. My camera just retired from active duty. However, that will be fixed very shortly and then there will be no stopping us. So much to share - the mural! the projects! the glamour!

But first, a teaser.

I made these jeans for my son, and decorated them using a badge I unpicked from a worn out tee shirt, some heavy thread and my ordinary sewing machine. It's an easy thing to do, in fact even a beginner can do it. And guess what, one did! And when we have a camera again, we hope to be able to show it.

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